Sticky Bar: Why I’m Sticky-ing With It

Paid search and SEO are two ways to drive traffic to your website. But once a potential customer has found your online store, what unique features are you employing to keep the customer’s interest, close the sale, and get the customer to return for future purchases?

Sticky Bar, a free customization tool, offers your website the ability to capture the attention of customers. Its full gamut of interactive features will grab the attention, and affection, of your customers through several unique tools. These Sticky Bar tools include: allowing shoppers to create a wishlist of products for quick reference or sharing with family and friends; offering cross sell and upsell functionality based on search history; and display of customized announcements for deals and promotions. Sticky Bar also enables customers to share products/services through social media integration, allowing customers to become your biggest advocates.

Other Sticky Bar services include: e-mail subscriptions; customer surveys; and live chat functionality, which provides an easy communication method for you to answer questions from customers and is a proven way to increase conversion rates. A bright spot of the Sticky Bar tool is that implementation and activation of these dynamic tools can be done without the knowledge of a web developer: Each Sticky Bar feature can be activated in seconds.

Since implementing Sticky Bar, my website has seen sales increase, from increased traffic and stronger-than-ever conversion rates. I have also implemented Sticky Bar on my clients’ e-commerce websites (,, and watched site conversion jump there as well.

With millions of websites at customers’ fingertips, the experience of a website is critical to conversion. Knowing your customers’ wants, needs and habits gives you the information needed to optimize your website in order to maximize sales. By employing Sticky Bar, you become armed with a behind-the-scenes arsenal of customer shopping experience power, which will in turn create trust, loyalty and repeat customer purchases.

Signup for a free Sticky Bar account at, and see for yourself why I’m sticking with Sticky Bar.