How to Start Using YouTube Promoted Video

Google is without question the Internet’s most popular search engine, but within the last year, YouTube eclipsed Yahoo! as the second largest. The average American user visits YouTube 23 times per month, and each session lasts on average 26 minutes. As well, the video search giant reaches more than five and a half billion views per month. Any way you slice it, there are a lot of people frequenting YouTube. And for the purposes of SEO, there is a lot to work with.

Now, anyone can just create a quick video and post it to YouTube. The hard part, though, is attracting viewers to those videos. To do this more effectively, YouTube created YouTube Promoted Video Ads, which are similar to Google search ads. They offer advertisers a practical avenue for getting eyeballs on their videos. Moreover, advertisers can use this service to gain recurring viewers and channel subscribers.

Promoted videos pop up on the site based on what visitors search for. In this way, they are tailored to the specific audience, and your dollars are not wasted 

Furthermore, by advertising with YouTube’s service, advertisers can add overlays to videos and even place direct links within the videos to their businesses’ site. With this, the sky is the limit: you can add promotions to the videos, giveaways, deals, etc.

Here are some suggestions for optimizing your experience with YouTube Promoted Videos.

The most important thing is to have quality, engaging videos (that’s plural; you’ll need more than just one), as well as your own unique YouTube channel to host and highlight them. Once the videos are up, you’ll need to add keyword-dense, clever titles and descriptions. These will be used by YouTube to align your specific video with what visitors are searching for.

When you get the videos up and your titles and descriptions are ready to go, make sure you monitor the feedback visitors give you. This will give you good, direct indications as to whether or not you’re advertising effectively. If the video is getting good responses, then you know it’s a good to wisely invest in.

YouTube Promoted Videos are similar to Google ads in that words are of great import. It is vital that the thumbnail of each of your videos, as well as the ad-copy for it, accurately reflect their content and substance. Appropriate words and concepts therefore should be used. It has been said that using the words “original” and “official” in the headlines of videos seem to increase videos.