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How to Start Using YouTube Promoted Video

Google is without question the Internet’s most popular search engine, but within the last year, YouTube eclipsed Yahoo! as the second largest. The average American user visits YouTube 23 times per month, and each session lasts on average 26 minutes. As well, the video search giant reaches more than five and a half billion views per month. Any way you slice it, there are a lot of people frequenting YouTube. And for the purposes of SEO, there is a lot to work with.

Use Twitter to Increase Your Google Presence

Twitter (along with Facebook) is the most powerful social networking site out there. Because of this, it is imperative to use the service to your advantage if you run a business. As well, Google is typically the go-to search engine for the majority of Internet users. While it is not vital to know exactly how Google determines search results, it is a good thing to have more than a rough idea, as Google does have certain means to rank its results. Google takes social networking cues into account when it determines its results. Thus, social networking sites can be used to increase your presence in Google’s results. This article will outline several steps to use Twitter to increase your Google rankings.

How to Get Citations for Local SEO

As more people are starting to find out, local SEO is taking over the world of search engines: over 20 percent of all Google searches are for a local business. More important, that number doubles when users are searching with mobile devices. This trend is showing itself in SERPs. Gone are the days of merely receiving 10 organic listings. Now, SERPs are infiltrated by images, videos and other media. But most important, local listings are now more than ever making their way into SERPs.

5 Ways to Improve Conversions for B2B

Many B2B marketers have been learning this truth the hard way: the traditional methods of marketing to consumers are just not optimally effective in the business world. Because of this, there must be alternatives. The following five tips are tested, easy to implement, and, most important, they work. These are landing page tactics that will no doubt aid you in creating more leads and improving your site’s overall quality.