5 Ways to Improve Conversions for B2B

Many B2B marketers have been learning this truth the hard way: the traditional methods of marketing to consumers are just not optimally effective in the business world. Because of this, there must be alternatives. The following five tips are tested, easy to implement, and, most important, they work. These are landing page tactics that will no doubt aid you in creating more leads and improving your site’s overall quality.

1) Shift Your Focus to Visitor Benefits

Most marketers tend to put most of their focus on touting how great their company is. But consumers want to know what’s in it for them, not for you. To address this need, shift the focus of your site’s content, downloadable assets and calls-to-action, to what will directly benefit the potential customer.

Give these visitors something they perceive as valuable—something that can actually help them do their job better. Give them unique information, not just some self-promotional hype.

2) Create Clean, Easy Landing Pages

Content is critical, but the actual design of your site can make or break your B2B marketing attempts. to this, you need your site’s design tailored to your customer. And although your site might look uninteresting, boring, dry, etc., this is actually what you want. You’re trying to target business prospects, not people interested in aesthetics.

To this, keep your writing short and sweet. Brevity is the key. Present your information is short of a manner as possible. Be effective with your writing, but don’t be flowery.

3) Offer Choices

You cannot expect all your site’s visitors to be the same and accordingly have similar likes and dislikes. Coming to grips with this fact is one of the key steps to converting them into customers. A good method is to “empower” your visitors by giving them choices and letting them decide for themselves what they’d like to do.

The following is a great example of a landing page that offers two calls-to-action with unique downloadable assets:

Offering your visitors two distinct choices increases leads by 63% over a single choice.

4) Build Demand and Urgency

Most people have short attention spans, and the visitors to your site are no different. To counter this, you must exhibit compelling information and offers that create in the visitor a sense of urgency.

A good method for this is using “limited time” or “limited availability” offers that simply nudge the visitor a little closer to taking action. The following is a good example.

Examples like these increase lead volume by 46% over a regular, non-time-sensitive offer.

5) Make Sure Your Promises Are Accurate

Ensure that your website’s engagement process is as simple, concise and straightforward as it can possibly be. Make sure that your “promises” are true and consistent.

For example, a link that sends your visitors to a registration form should not read “Download now.” It should read “Register for instant access.”